Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some of you know that I like scents. Not so much that you can't take an elevator with me (calm down now!): as a matter of fact, I have independant confirmation from co-workers, who could otherwise sue that you have to seriously get up into my personal space to smell whatever I am wearing. There is a great blog out there which covers fragrances that I wish to pass on, although I fear that the three of you that peruse my petty rambings will not add to her traffic. (pathetic bid for positive comments: what do I have to do for you people? Bleed? Boohoohoo!}

Perfume-Smellin' Things

It's a great blog: she has a wonderful grasp of scents, and the rare ability to break them down for the lay-person (like me) in a way that makes them make sense. Please drop by- unless like me you are a junky: she is a perfume Circe: you'll find yourself hitting eBay after her every review...

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Cait Shortell said...

Saw you on PSM and really appreciated your "pomposo stinkdor" comment, as well as your olfactory account of LA. "The musk from the coyotes?" HARHARHAR. That should be a part of a cowboy's song. So where is the lesbian capital? Just curious.